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Maxie Gives Cody Advice After Mac’s Reaction to His News — and Drew and Willow Discuss Their Kiss

Outside the stables, as the fireworks go off, Cody blurts out to Mac, “I’m your son.” Mac spins around and asks what he said. Cody tells Mac that he’s his father. Mac asks how he knows. Cody admits he lied about the DNA test, and it was for a stupid reason. Mac asks him to tell him anyway. Cody tells him that he had a claim to the Ice Princess, and he had to swear an affidavit claiming to be Leopold Taub’s son. Mac can’t believe he kept this secret out of greed and that he’s known for over a year. Mac rants that he’s reached out to him, he opened his family and his heart to him, and at every turn, Cody slammed the door in his face.

Cody tells the truth GH

Cody says he wanted to be his son, and a part of his family. He wanted to tell him earlier, but he just didn’t know how, and he isn’t proud of it. Mac hates that he couldn’t be honest with him, and the worst part is he lied to Felicia, Maxie, Georgie, James and Bailey Lou. He yells that Cody doesn’t give a damn about any of them. Cody says that’s not true, and if it helps that this is killing him. Mac says it doesn’t, he doesn’t trust him, and his claiming to be sorry could be just another lie.

MAc upset GH

Mac storms off, and later, Maxie finds Cody sulking in the stables. She is looking for James’ riding gloves, as he may have left him here. Cody stops her rambling and says he shouldn’t keep teaching James. She asks why, and these lessons are her only leverage to get him to clean his room and behave. Cody explains Mac is furious with him, that he’s been lying, and everyone was right, that he is Mac’s son. Maxie is shocked, but says she can see it. Cody says he told Mac the truth tonight, and to say he’s not happy would be a massive understatement. Maxie asks why he lied as Mac is such a great guy?

Maxie doesn't understand GH

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Cody says that, at first, he thought he wanted money over family, but by the time he realized he was wrong, the lie had gone on for so long. He says he feared Mac would hate him, and now he does. Maxie says he will get over it, and he’s just angry. Cody says he has appreciated getting to know her family. Maxie says, “Hello, we are siblings.” Cody says they aren’t related, but Maxie says Mac is basically her father, so that makes them siblings and also makes him her kids’ uncle. She thinks James will be thrilled about this news. Cody suggests she hold off on telling James until she talks to Mac. Maxie says if he thinks he can get rid of them that easily, think again. Maxie knows he’s thinking of packing up and leaving. She tells him to trust he as she has made mistakes, and it can’t get any worse, so he needs to stay. She tells him to remind her someday to tell him about how she faked being pregnant to land a guy.

Cody has been lying GH

Maxie asks Cody not to leave for Mac, Sasha, and for himself. She makes him promise not to leave and even say the words. Maxie says he won’t regret it. Cody finds James’ gloves and gives them to her before she leaves.

Cody and MAxie talk GH

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Back in the mansion, Felicia finds Mac stewing. Mac says Cody is his son. Felecia says he’s not and admits to doing her own DNA test. Mac says he must have found out and doctored it. Mac rants that Cody has known all along and gave him a convoluted excuse about why he lied. She asks how he feels. Mac says he has a son who lied, and he is furious. Mac calls him a grifter with an agenda, and clearly, Cody only told him now for a reason, like he needs an organ. Felicia doesn’t believe that is so. Mac asks what other reason there could be. Mac is sure he’s got an angle. Felicia says this is Cody’s loss. Mac says he would have welcomed him into the family, he would have found a way to love him. He wonders why he’s talking about this now, as it’s too late for that.

Felicia and upset MAc GH

Joss and Trina hang out at the boathouse now that all the kids have left after the fireworks. They crack open some beers. Trina is still confused about how Michael made the decision they could rent the apartment given Olivia, Ned, Tracy, and Monica come above him. Joss says Michael is Monica’s grandson, and she gave him control over running the estate, while Olivia basically runs the household. They end up toasting to Michael and their apartment.

Joss and Trina toast GH

Gio soon joins them after some practicing, and learns about Drew’s announcing his run for congress, and there were a bunch of friends and family celebrating. Gio asks if his Uncle Sonny was there. Joss doesn’t think so, and he seems troubled that Sonny wasn’t invited.

Gio surprise GH

Joss asks Gio what the Fourth was like in Bensonhurst. He tells them they used to have a big bash with all the family, cousins, and Italian relatives, such as his mom. He reveals that his mom was from Italy, and becoming a US citizen was so important to her. That’s why the Fourth was such a big deal for many of them.

Gio Joss and Trina GH

They soon end up talking about a local ice cream truck, which Joss and Trina insist he has to try. They play a variation of cornhole, and Gio asks if there are any more traditions he should know about. Joss says the country club fireworks are about to begin, they start after the city ones, which he missed. Joss says to stay and enjoy the view. Gio looks at Trina and says he’s glad for the great company.

Gio Joss Trina Fireworks GH

They watch the fireworks, and Trina asks Gio if he misses home. He does, but he also needed to branch out, and he likes it here. They toast to finding your place and making new friends.

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In the living room, Portia accuses Laura of using Robert or some attorney looking to make a name for themselves to re-open Heather’s case. Laura says all she is looking for is justice to be upheld, and someone has a right to have their case re-opened when new evidence comes to light. Portia yells, “And when the mayor uses her power to help a family member, the people have a right to ask questions.” Laura says she does have the right to ask questions, and all she is saying is it is up to the court to review Heather’s case just like it would be for anyone else.

Portia lashes out at Laura GH

Portia screams that Heather killed five people and could do it again. She asks what Laura will do if Heather goes after Trina, admit she was wrong after the fact. Portia cries this is her child, and she won’t stand for this. Laura says the law is for everyone, even people they don’t like or hate. Portia says she is just feeling guilty that one of her family members is in jail.

LAura defends herself GH

Liz interrupts looking for Aiden, and Portia claims Laura’s backup has arrived just in time to take her side. Portia knows Heather was Liz’s mother-in-law, so of course she’ll agree with Laura. Laura tells Portia this conversation is over. Portia warns Laura if she continues this campaign to set Heather free, their next conversation will be in public.

Liz interupts GH

Portia storms off, and Lz says she’s never seen Portia that angry. When Liz admits she knows Heather has changed, Laura is glad she can see it too. Liz says it’s easier for Laura to see she’s changed because Heather’s not a threat to her, but Portia can’t, as all she sees is the woman who hurt her child. Liz explains it’s like her and Franco, and she could see he changed, but his victims’ families never forgave him. Liz says this needs to be left up to the courts, and the saying is justice for all. Laura thanks her for understanding. Liz gives Laura hugs and says she is proud of her, and so are her grandkids. Laura thanks her and wipes back the tears.

Liz Understands GH


In the kitchen, Michael notes that Curtis is right, and they need to work together. Nina knows she’s hurt Michael and did a lot of damage to their relationship, but thanks to Drew and Willow, she feels she’s getting a second chance. Curtis says this is about Aurora and moving forward. Michael agrees to try, though he and Nina’s ability to negotiate a truce hasn’t worked out before.

Michael and Nina try GH

Nina knows Michael has no reason to trust her, but her motivation to make peace is one he can trust because it’s for her own self-interest. Nina says what she wants the most is to have a relationship with her daughter and grandchildren, and that means working with him, so be it. She also loves her job at Crimson, so she would be an idiot to antagonize the CEO. Curtis says they both are independent and hard workers, and Aurora needs them both. Michael agrees to put the past aside and focus on the here and now. He also says that whatever Willow decides regarding a relationship with Nina, he will be on board, as he only wants her to be happy.

Nina willing to try GH

 In the sunroom, Sasha spies Willow and Drew kissing and makes a getaway just as the two break apart. Willow apologizes and says she shouldn’t have done that. Drew says it was just one kiss. Willow rambles that she’s married to his nephew, who she loves. Drew argues that they just gave into a random impulse, and it doesn’t have to mean anything more.

Willow and Drew talk kiss GH

Willow admits she doesn’t know if it was random on her part. Drew says in a different world and under different circumstances, he thinks there could have been something between them. He apologizes for saying that. He knows she is in love with Michael, she has been since they met. He says they had a few drinks, got caught up in the fireworks, and maybe some election enthusiasm. Willow agrees it’s not the end of the world. Drew says it happened, it’s over, and it will never happen again. She agrees, “Never.”

Drew and Willow talk kiss GH

Drew tells Willow they are on the same page. Suddenly Drew, Curtis, and Nina enter. Michael says, “Wow, us too.” Curtis asks if they are interrupting. Willow and Drew say no, and they were just talking politics. Willow asks what they are on the same page about. Nina and Michael explain they are putting their fighting and differences aside for Aurora’s sake. Curtis says Drew now has nothing to worry about with the company in good hands. Drew says this feels like a clean slate, and the beginning of a new era. He asks how this came about. Michael says it was the head of the wellness division who made them realize they have to work together.

Willow Nina and Michael

Suddenly, Portia appears and tells Curtis that they need to go home. Curtis, seeing she’s upset, says they can go. Before they do, Portia tells Drew if wants her vote, make sure Heather stays in prison no matter what their mayor wants. Michael and Willow decide to turn in for the night. Before they go, Willow tells Nina she’s glad she and Michael made up and that she is helping Drew with his campaign. She likes being on the same side again.

Portia needs to go GH

In the foyer, Curtis asks Portia what happened. She rants that as long as Laura is trying to get Heather free, she is the enemy, and so is anyone who sides with her, including Drew and the Quartermaines.

They walk out, and Curtis tells her that he wants Heather to stay locked up, but that isn’t their call to make. He says if the courts re-open her case, that is their decision. Portia says that sounds like a spin and that he doesn’t care about their daughter. He tells her that is not true, and don’t come looking for a fight with him. Portia cries she’s sorry, and he’s not the one she’s mad at.

Back inside, Nina can’t believe Willow just said she was happy for her, and she never thought this day would come. Nina even feels like she can maybe see her grandkids soon. Drew is happy for her. She tells Drew that he built a bridge between her and her daughter, and she’ll forever be grateful. She then pulls him into a kiss.

Nina kisses Drew GH

In the kitchen, Sasha pours a big glass of wine. She looks out and sees Michael and Willow watching the second round of fireworks on the patio. Sasha later spies them kissing and is conflicted.

Michael and Willow fireworks GH

On the next General Hospital: Sasha is with a shirtless and wet Cody, and tells him, “If you do, you will have a lot more than Maxie to worry about.” Felicia tells Maxie that she desperately wants to be wrong about this. Drew tells Willow the kiss doesn’t have to change anything. Ava appears to visit Sonny’s pharmacist and says, “You are going to do what I want.” Sonny tells someone they may be called to testify. Carly tells Jason he needs to go to Sonny and tell him everything.

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