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General Hospital Star Maura West Talks About Her GH Exit

It is no secret that Ava Jerome is turning more and more people against her every day on General Hospital. Not like she ever had a lot of friends, but currently it feels like she is begging to have people at her throat, that too with a gun or a knife! Things are so awful that even her once upon a time best friend Nina has begun to despise her.

In fact, it appears as though soon enough she’ll even alienate Sonny. Then, there’s Alexis, who is seething in anger with her discovery that it was Ava who had her debarred. So, you see, there is a long list of people who are hating on her right now. While this would worry a lot of people, her portrayer Maura West is not one of them.

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In a recent chat with Michael Fairman, she teased that Ava is just being her true self. Maura stated that Ava has always been so reactive. “She doesn’t take a pause and think like we teach our children. She reacts! Out of anger, passion, whatever it is, she’s very quick to react. The General Hospital actress chimed that this is exactly what she loves about Ava.

We do agree that Ava has always been like this, but we cannot ignore the fact that she is being pushed into a corner by the minute. Moreover, her current storyline has all the ingredients to turn into a quintessential “whodunnit”! Interestingly, Maura doesn’t think so. She was quite surprised that fans think her character is about to get killed.

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General Hospital Spoilers - Ava

Although she didn’t explicitly say that it is not going to happen, but she did pass a sly smile and teased, “Oh… you’ll have to watch and see what happens. That’s all I can tell you.” We can only guess what she meant by that. But honestly, we are a little relieved with the possibility that she won’t be leaving! So many of us would hate to see Ava killed, and Maura exit!

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